Isometric illustrator - Cityscape illustration and infographics for OYO Rooms, hotel and hospitality - Isometric city map illustration by Rod Hunt
Rod Hunt was commissioned to create three illustrations to tell the story of OYO, showcasing the company, it's services and bringing alive their history. Launched in 2013, OYO is India’s largest hospitality company. Its network currently spans over 200 Indian cities including all major metros, regional commercial hubs, leisure destinations, and key pilgrimage towns. It also has an international presence with hotels in Malaysia, Nepal and the UK.

OYO City: OYO wanted to tell their story though a stunning piece of pop art that brought alive the spirit and products/services of OYO. The final piece was installed as a large artwork in OYO Hotel rooms.
OYO User Friendly Book and Mural: An attention grabbing book and mural for OYO's guests showing OYO's portfolio of products and services. 
OYO Timeline: An engaging way to show the history and significant milestones of this fast growing young company. The final piece was installed as a large artwork in OYO Hotel receptions.
OYO User Friendly Book and Mural
Illustrated book of OYO hotels, apartments and services
OYO Timeline
OYO Rooms Timeline and History Information Graphics
Mural installation illustration in OYO Hotel lobby
Mural art in OYO Hotel lobby
Cityscape Art in OYO Hotel Rooms
OYO City: Detail
Illustrations for the holiday, vacation, hotel and hospitality industry - An Illustration of an Indian City, with hotels and apartments
Marketing and Advertising for Hospitality Brand
Marketing Campaign Illustration for OYO Rooms
Isometric illustration of Indian Buildings
Beach Resort illustrations
OYO User Friendly Book and Mural: Detail
Architectural Illustration
Illustrations of Hotels, Guest Houses and Apartments
Travel and Tourism Advertising Campaign
Cutaway Building Illustrations
Resort Marketing and Advertising
OYO Timeline: Detail
Infographics created for OYO Rooms hospitality brand
Illustrated Isometric Information Graphics
Detailed Illustration show the history of the company and brand
The story of OYO illustrated
Original concept pencil sketch
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