Toyota Aygo: Where's The X? Advertising Campaign

Rod Hunt was commissoned by Saatchi & Saatchi in London to create a huge city illustration as part of the Toyota Aygo 'Go Fun Yourself' campaign.

The new AYGO 'Go Fun Yourself' campaign launched in July, promoting a new car model aiming to appeal to 25-35 year olds. As a brand, Toyota want to appeal to a younger target audience. The aim was to create a bright, buzzy, colourful & provocative image with a sense of the Japanese culture from where the car came. 

Rod created a series of busy and fun images showcasing a number of scenarios and situations where the personality of the Aygo comes to life - pranks, things for our consumer to find, funnies and secret combinations.

The illustration was split as a series of detailed €˜Where’s the X?€™ images bringing the €˜Go Fun Yourself€™ campaign to life across a variety of social platforms over the course of a month.
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