Fifty New Logos for The Rolling Stones Project

Rod Hunt's contribution to The Fifty New Logos Project to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of The Rolling Stones. The brief was simple: A new logo for The Rolling Stones. The project is curated by Alvaro Sotomayor from Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam & Esteban Franco Prieto.
White Pages Animated Banner Advertising Campaign
Dexter's Laboratory for Cartoon Network’s 20th Birthday
Welcome to the Future: Staffordshire Uni Development
Minneapolis Mill City Museum Flour Tower: AAA Living
FirstBank Capture The Cube. Advertising Campaign Map
Lightbox Interactive Environmental Graphic Display
Esquire-stock Music Festival Map Illustration
Electronics Utopia Illustration: The Restart Project
Simoni Strategy and Group Structure Illustration
Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha book cover for Random House
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